Never throw bulk coffee away again...

Following on from last weeks post about the bulk brewer and its pitfalls, I am now going to talk about the alternative solution that has all but eradicated the humble bulk brewer in Malta.

Obviously that system is available in the UK and we are distributor partners for it in East and North Scotland - but don't let that cloud your judgement as it the system addresses all of the very valid issues raised in last weeks blog.

The system I am talking about is Douwe Egberts Cafitesse - you've maybe heard of it and thought 'how can frozen coffee be any good for my customers!' - it may surprise you that many hotels in Italy (arguably the home of coffe lovers!) use the system as do 3 of the world top 4 hotels. The reason is simple:

1. Never throw a cup of coffee away again - the cafitesse system uses very strong pre-brewed coffee to produce filter style coffee at the press of a button - you don't need to plan ahead and be left with too much coffee that you need to throw away - it will produce a cup or a pot, so if you have a few stragglers at the end of service you can still meet their needs without having to put on a new brew...

2. Because the coffee is roasted ground and brewed in quick succession the coffee is extremely fresh - the freezing process (like peas in the field) locks that freshness in which means that it doesn't need artificial elements to prolong its life - its as fresh as fresh coffee bulk brewed! Once defrosted you have 42 days (6 weeks) to use it - each pack is 720 cups - if you don't use 720 cups within 6 weeks (18 cups per day) then bulk brew is not for you anyway! Better off with a pour-over...

3. Consistent cup after cup - the unique bag in box system with dosing nozzle means that each pack is self contained (which reduces cleaning) and the doser means that the machine makes the drink to the same strength every time - cup or pot, they will all taste the same - did I mention the great coffee smell you get from the machine yet?!

4. The machines are also very energy efficient meaning that you don't need all that energy to keep pre-brewed coffee warm (stewed) before use.

5. Cleaning takes minutes per week as the coffee oils are largeley self contained in each pack - the machine also shuits you out if you don't do it, thereby ensuring the drink is made using clean equipment.

This all sound s to good to be true right!! The only catch is the cost of the product - there is no arguing that per cup it is more expensive than bulk brew when you compare it to the physical coffee element used to make a cup. However, when you start to factor in the wasted coffee saving, energy cost reductions and consistently happy customer experience the operational benefits are worth the extra...if you opt for a trial you will almost certainly wonder why you haven't used it before!

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