Coffee vs gangs…why not consider it as a guest coffee?

You may have seen this on the TV – you may be wondering what it means to you and why you should be bothered - or maybe even when is it available?

Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced properly to the coffee vs gangs scheme being run by Kenco in Honduras. It is a great scheme where vulnerable young people are provided with a way out of the seeming inevitability of gang membership.

19 young people graduated last year and a further 20 students started on this years scheme. Over 11 months, they learn everything from the basics of coffee farming to running their own business.

A relatively small project, it has the potential to transform lives and the Honduran economy – many graduates from the scheme have gone on to run their own coffee farms based on the knowledge they have gained and seed funding to get them set-up.

Unfortunately it takes a number of years for a coffee tree to produce a viable crop, so there is a slow start in terms of the coffee available – currently the crop to be harvested in February 2016 is estimated at 14 tons of coffee – sounds a lot, but that’s just 2,000,000 cups!

As a strategic partner for Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) I am delighted to announce that Total Beverage Solutions have been given the first batch of coffee from this scheme to distribute when it is available in spring 2016.

It is a limited batch, so when its gone its gone (until next year!) – available as an espresso blend in 500g bags this is a great coffee – fruity with acidity (typical of the region). If you want to place advance orders we can make sure we reserve some as soon as it is available – as with all coffee the fresher you get it, the better it will be!

If you really want to commit to the scheme and benefit from some brand support and point of sale materials we can provide a loan coffee grinder for a ‘guest’ coffee…

This guest coffee idea will run throughout 2016 with a revolving range of accredited single origin coffees available dependent on harvest times – you don’t have to buy into all of them, but if you can commit to minimum volumes of purchase we can justify leaving the coffee grinder with you for 8 weeks at a time to ensure you don’t need to upset your main coffee grinder settings…

I’d welcome any feedback about this idea – are we crazy? Or is it a great way of getting a wider array of coffee varieties in-front of your customers – this can surely only help your credentials as an expert in your field…





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