Better coffee for your bedrooms...

It always amazes me that many reputable hotels with ratings up to 4* still offer bedroom coffee that seems to be languishing in the 1980's - yes, some hotels use a branded instant coffee stick by way of differentiating them as a cut above, but let's not kid ourselves here - it is still instant coffee!!

There are many ways of offering bedroom coffee but the underlyng issue is cost - the item is a giveaway, albeit one built into the room rate - whilst budgets are stretched the bedroom coffee offer often suffers, with the thinking being that 'if we make the bedroom coffee so terrible the guests will come down to the bar and pay more for a decent cup of coffee'...

In theory this is a great way of increasing spend per head, but it doesn't always follow that this is what guests will do and it may breed resentment - capsules require machines in every room, cafetieres have the waste coffee disposal issue - instant sticks can however, be replaced by coffee bags. The coffee bag is like a cafetiere style coffee, but without the associated mess - the coffee is kept fresh in a sealed pouch and steeped in the cup like a teabag - the guset chooses their strength and the disposal is simple...

You will not be surprised to hear that we have 4 different blends of coffee bags for this use, but regardless it has got to be an improvement on instant sticks for those who want to offer something a little bit better for their guests - with competition at an all time high, anything that makes your guest remember you has got to be a good thing, right!!


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