Size matters...especially when it comes to ground coffee!

We are often asked about the reason for the same coffee being available in different pack sizes and for different brewing methods - surely it is all the same?!

The simple reason for these differences is the coffee grind size - whilst the coffee may be from say the same single esitate it will taste different depending on the way you are making it - to control the brewing process you have to adjust the size of the grind for each method to get the best from the coffee and avoid over or under extraction.

Therefore, you should not use espresso grind to make filter coffee as it will be too fine - this will mean that the water will be in contact with the coffee for too long as it cannot pass through it due to the smaller particles - this will result in over extraction of coffee oils which will taint the final cup.

Equally you should not use coarse (filter) grind coffee in an espresso machine - the water being pushed through under pressure will find a quick route through the coffee as the particles are larger meaning they are not going to hold the water back as long - the reulting coffee will likely be acidic and thin due to the under extraction.

The use of different grind types exists to control the contact time between water and coffee to get the best extraction for your particular chosen brewing method. Home brewing of coffee with a manual or electric grinder allows for experimentation to get the desired result - commercial coffee preparation requires the grind to be pre-determined to make large quantities consistently and with the correct contact time...

So our filter coffee is pre-ground for use in 3 pint pour over machines, our bulk brew coffee is ground for use in bulk coffee systems, our cafetiere coffee is ground for use in (not surprisingly) cafetieres, but it also works well in aeropress, Oomph, V60 and Chemex...

Contrary to poular belief we don't have a wide range of products just for the sake of it, there is a very good resaon - that reason as always is so that you can brew the best coffee possible with the least hassle - you will then have happy customers!! 

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