Anyone for a free traditional coffee machine...?

Having just returned from the Piazza d'Oro mid year conference, I have some great news...

As you may know, Piazza d'Oro is a fantastic global brand with limited exposure in the UK - to rectify this Piazza d'Oro will provide a free to use 2 group Piazza d'Oro branded CMA Perla and Mazzer on-demand coffee grinder to 10 lucky sites across Scotland! Not only will the machine be completely free to use, there will be overt branding to help spread the 'consistently great coffee' word(s!).

The coffee blends are second to none and to keep it that way Piazza d'Oro will be visiting quarterly to see if your grinder is needing tweaked or your staff refreshed with training and advice - and this level of individual attention is deleivered at the same coffee price as before.

To qualify your business needs to be located in a high street location and selling 250 cups on average a day - is that all I hear you say!!

If you are not selling this volume of coffee you can still get the machines and branding, but there will be a (subsidised) charge depending on your actual purchases.

Wow, right ... I know it's not quite 'Highlander', but remeber 'there can only be 10'!!

For more information or to arrange a visit please call or send an email - we're expecting this to be quite popular so it has to be strictly on a 'first come, first served' basis I'm afraid.



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