Who wants to know how to texture milk?

As referenced in our 'the rise and rise of the flat white' blog - the need to be able to texture milk correctly is never more needed than in today's (still growing) market.

We realise that it is expensive to arrange for a bespoke 3rd party trainer to visit your site to deliver this level of training to your staff

So instead we are seriously considering running a milk texturing course here at TBS HQ for all of those interested - if we get interest we will run it (and run it and run it if the demand is as great as we think it is)!!

This will be free to all existing customers of TBS only - if anyone else wants to know how to texture milk properly they can receive similar training on another date (to be arranged) after you have been a customer of TBS for at least 6 months. Training is a service and is reserved for our customers to help them to serve the best coffee around - we want our customers to thrive and this is one way we can help them.

If you are interested in attending a course of this type, call or email and we can get some dates organised - remember, 'knowledge is power' (apparently!)



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