It wasn't so long ago that people used to refer to anything ethical as free trade, but not much has changed in the understanding of why accreditations exist and why they are worthwhile.

We believe that they are more than a way to satisfy customers by providing an accredited coffee just because they have asked for it. They should convey a message of what is important to you and your principles.

Coffee is a massive worldwide industry with 1000's employed in it every day - consumers are the tip of an enormous iceberg - to show support for those involved in the whole value chain will help with a sustainable future for everyone.

We believe that accreditations have an important role to play in speading the word for fairness and sustainability and work with 3 of the best known marks to do our bit!

We have put together our take on what they stand for to aid your understanding...

To find out more about each accreditation use the following links: