SCAE Coffee Diploma

We believe in improving coffee standards through furthering knowledge, the SCAE coffee diploma is structured to provide a professional approach to education and is a must for anyone serious about pursuing a career in coffee.

Based on 6 modules:

Introduction to Coffee (10 points)


Barista Skills (Foundation Intermediate Professional)


Brewing (Foundation Intermediate Professional)


Sensory Skills (Foundation Intermediate Professional)


Roasting (Foundation Intermediate Professional)


Green Coffee (Foundation Intermediate Professional)


Delivered over 3 Levels

Foundation (5 points)

- a great way to gain insignt to basic skills in your chosen area

- no previous knowledge expected

- 1/2 to 1 day courses

Intermediate (10 point)

- suitable for those with firm knowledge of basic skills

- experience of working in the field is recommended

- 1 or 2 days courses

Professional (25 points)

- suitable for those pursuing specialist knowledge at a high level

- success will demonstrate competence to work in the chosen area

- extensive relevant experience and an intermediate level qualifications

- 2-3 day courses

1 Diploma

This will be automatically awarded to the candidate who has achieved 100 points or more - beware that this level of training requires commitment and time to develop into useable knowledge.

Certification by the SCAW is available as the courses are delivered by SCAE trainers. But not all SCAE trainers deliver all SCAE courses - charges apply and may vary.

Please contact us if you are interested in this advanced level of training, and we can put you in touch with the relevant trainer for your specific requirements in your region.