Have you heard of Cafitesse yet?

As an exclusive Scottish distributor partner for Douwe Egberts Cafitesse since 2008 - it is interesting that there are many people unaware of the tremendous benefits that this bulk coffee system from Douwe Egberts can deliver. 

The coffee is delivered pre-brewed to you and consequently requires no guess work as to how many coffees you are going to sell in the next hour - usually you need to take an educated guess and anything that is left over gets ditched. Also, you never need to fear the late night coffee drinker - this person normally requires a new brew to be put on sopecifically for their single cup - this invariably results in time spent and even more coffee wasted.

With cafitesse you can brew one cup or many pots quickly as and when required thus reducing your wastage - as you would expect from a system developed by Douwe Egberts, the coffee is great quality and very consistent thanks to the precision dosing mechanism of the machine.

Anecdotally people who use it love it - they often comment on the amount of money they save and the ease of use that it givces - even though it is more expensive per cup than a traditional bulk brewer!

We have some great video clips of the machine in action against its bulk brew competitor - the footage is surprising to many...

Contact us for the clip if you still need convincing that it is worth consideration - we can then arrange a trial if you are still not sure it is right for you - whilst I am not Remmingtons Victor Kiam, I do believe you will love it! (Needlesstosay I can't afford to buy the Company!)

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