Bespoke Cups

Branded crockery is available off-the-shelf to support our coffee brands, but if you want to make a statement about your own brand we can arrange for your logo to appear on a wide range of crockery.

Just visit to enhance your brand presence.

With various colours and styles available you can manage your order - just provide them with high resolution imagery so they can mock-up artwork for you to sign off - when you are happy with it they will ensure your order is produced and despatched directly to keep your costs to a minimum.

There is an origination fee for producing your logo in the correct format and a small charge for each logo applied. The more colours in your logo the more expensive the origination fee, but this is a one-off charge with your first order.

This is another bespoke tailored service that is unavailable as a product in our members shop. Contact us on to let us know your requirements if you would rather we dealt with the process on your behalf.